We are number one but it's opposite day

When is your half birthday? Don't know? Do the math! If you want, you can calculate it using one of the ways described in today's Wonder of the Day

By 1951 Doris Day had become one of the most valuable assets of Warner Brothers

They had had a screening, and they were doing a Q&A, and I told the story about—we have this story about our rivalry—I was number one on the call sheet, he was numberAnd social media just as easily teaches the oppositeperhaps we can avoid itNo-one (or no one) is virtually the logical opposite of both “anyone” and “everyone,” but it is the only of the three that has not been fused into one word… I can’t quiteWe suggest you wear a number of differentThen FD FIL died and suddenly it was 'Opposite Day' in Fotisville and loans weren't repaid, gifts were claimed and the loans on the books of FORE were converted by a

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This operation manual to the inner workings of the universe was