Girl meets world girl meets high school: part two

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Episode 20 - Girl Meets Goodbye Feenyas a high school history teacher, tells Riley’s class of his “Boy Meets World” days

#GirlMeetsWorld 3x02 "Girl Meets High School: Part Two" - MayaThe episode was written by

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Boy Meets World executive producer Michael Jacobs, who is overseeing Girl Meets World, hopes the pilot and potential series is a nod to the past that will pay dividendsTurner played a vital role in the high school years of the showComing off the good-but-not-great start to Season 3, Girl Meets World returned for "Part Two" of its season premiere, which was a notable step from "Part 1However, with the 1993 debut of Boy Meets World, that personal preference was whittled down to a single showAva Kolker Disney's "Girl Meets World" - 2016/HD "Girl Meets Hight School: Part 2" Previous Page Find out when Girl Meets World is on TV, including Series 3-Episode 2: Girl Meets High School - Part Two