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3mm excluding the grippers
At Consolidated Plastics we strive to provide our customers with the very best quality and options in commercial matting

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The interchangeability between floor types makes this solution that much better! No more needing to throw failed chair mats in the garbage or buy a new one if you change
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Our range of Office Marshal® chair mats offers you a range of quality products, each with its own unique characteristic
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LD’s professional looking chair mats blend in seamlessly with any type of wood floor or carpeting

The Ktaxon Chair Floor Mat Home Office Protector for Hardwood Floors prevents wheels or feet from leaving behind scuffs and blemishes

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Chair mats protect floors
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At The Mat Store, we would like to remind you when settingDon’t let your favorite desk chair damage your floor

Economat Duramat : Medium Pileabella danger the easter hunnyMoving freely in your chair while working diligently in the office is an important detail that we must tend toI just got a large ballertwinkle twinkle little star gender reveal or something entirely else.

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Our Chair Mats for Hard Floor Surfaces are designed to facilitate movement in a deskchair while protecting the floor below from damage and scratchesThese custom floorhow to sell gold coins in usaEnjoy low warehouse prices on name-brand Chair Mats productsThis can, however, be difficult to do when you sit over carpet floor, which resists the movement of your wheels

Ideal for wiping rain, snow, and mud off your shoes before you enter the lobby, entry mats are great for preventing dirt from spreading throughout the officeChair mats come with a variety of edges, with each one designed for a different useChair mats protect your flooring from scratches and wear! From bamboo chair mats to decorative chair mats, shipping is always free at OfficeFurniture

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Handy office floor mats If you're flooring or carpet is getting worn down by office chairs rolling over it, then opting for a protective surface to prevent marking is an

Keep things moving in your office by using one of Consolidated's premium office chair mats

Check prices and specs on Chair Mats from top brands like Anji Mountain, Crown andIt's important to choose a chair mat the right size for your work area

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